Summer has arrived! And despite all the chaos, confusion and desperation in this world, joy rises in song and voices ring out - life is now! Grab it while you can! Together we can overcome...

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The Techno Feudal

Channelling the cynicism of Mark E. Smith and the writings of Yanis Varoufakis (author of the electrifying book "Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism"), it's time we opened our eyes to our ever changing world, and to the one that has already changed, but not necessarily for the better. For more information check out the many great lectures, podcasts & interviews on Yanis Varoufakis' YouTube channel / @yanisvaroufakis

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The Pleasure And The Pain

Love is blind they say. Sure can be. Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett star in this film noire vignette of infatuation, unrequited love, betrayal and murder. Vocal by Toledo, music by Dj fezzbone with vintage footage from director Fritz Lang (1945).

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Ghost Town Jah Tinking Dub

"No faith, no dreams, no chance, no means, they fade into the darkness of the cold, cold and endless night..." Jah is tinking, dis is a ghost town, a rub-a-dub sound, a fire burns it down, dis bad boy crown, now de dominate noun... and away downtown de clowns frown at sundown... There are worlds within worlds within worlds.

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The Sun Keeps Shining

Despite insurrection, revolution, counter-revolution or coup d'etat, and regardless of propaganda, cyber attacks or the hacking skills of government agents, the world continues to turn and the sun keeps shining...

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Dark Spring

A short walk around a beautiful lake invites the walker into a waking dream, a shimmering reality where awareness and thought collide, a Dark Spring where we dream about what we want or what we are afraid of...

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Fall of the Titans

"Stop, I want to jump off the world!" "There's no sacrifice too great for a chance at immortality..." "Failure is not an option..." "In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods, they ruled their universe with absolute power." "This is no democracy, it is a dictatorship." "Let's not waste time with maudlin musings on the inevitability of decline..." "Memories are dangerous in the wrong hands, even if they are beautiful."

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Go Funk Yourself

A message to politicians and the obtuse; another work of dadaist tableaus and back-handed social commentary in an absurd world addicted to sound bites that shape our souls and the society of violence that surrounds us...

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Saint Sisyphus

Evil king Sisyphus twice tricked the gods and cheated Death, only to have Zeus deal him the eternal punishment of forever rolling a boulder up a hill. Albert Camus recognized the existential meaningless of life in Sisyphus's fate, but hoped he could still find happiness. We have turned Sisyphus into a saint, happy in the ignorance of our chains. But the gods are faltering, it's time to recognize and throw off our chains...

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Broken Flowers

The word of the year for 2023 should be 'disappointment'. Disappointment in our politicians and in our governments, disappointment in world leaders and greedy corporations, disappointment in well monied world wide green washing PR campaigns and outright lies at international climate conferences, disappointment in hurtful viral social media blind to what is actually happening on the streets of our world and disappointment in those neighbours who look the other way...

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Blind Ambition

An ode and a view to a kill, the death of introspection, a headlong dive into entropy, the widening breach of civilization, grab what you can while you can and don't look back !

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Coversations With Trees

Most imagery for this video was shot at Windy Lake outside of Sudbury, Ontario, on Lake Erie near Turkey Point and in/around Toronto and Vancouver during weeks of very strong summer winds. The music came next, growing from a quiet ambient solitude into quite something else. Layer upon layer, diffusing colour and shifting time, almost any frame of this video can be taken as an abstract painting. Thanks to throat singers DJ Griffin & Bruno Alfonso and MC Mushino for vocals...

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Drone Bone Moan

In an age of greed and hyper capitalism, where nothing matters more than money, it's good to be reminded of the unfairness of our current economic systems, where so much is owned by so few and the vast majority is left to our own devices for survival...

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Funked If I know

Trance and dance in the metaverse: A performance of the kris dance, a Balinese ceremonial dance which dramatizes the never-ending struggle between the witch and the dragon (the death-dealing and the life-protecting) as captured by Margaret Mead in the village of Pagoetan in 1937-1939. Dancers go into violent trance seizures and turn their krisses (daggers) against their breasts without injury. Consciousness is restored with incense and holy water.

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This Is The Way

In the endless ocean, In the infinite sky, In the undiscovered country, In the I and I, This is the way...

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Eat The Rich

"I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad, were often allowed to mingle freely." - Charles Bukowski “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” — Confucius, Chinese teacher and philosopher

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Crate Digger

A fragment of reality or a souvenir from a dream, fractals fracture and heads spin gravitating towards epiphany or entropy, that leaves us all forever slouching toward Bethlehem.

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Skylight Blues

HAIKU: melancholy stands & in memory demands allegiance in shifting sands This track features Ron Gaskin's long lost saxophone recording from the basement of a mansion in Rosedale at the time of the Cordelia Project recordings some 40 years ago. This is dedicated to you RG. We miss you brother!

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The Altar Of Me

The modern world holds us fast to our own tale of Babel: a story of class struggle and self absorption, of end-of-the-world revelry and a search for meaning, of idealism and longing, of progress and collapse... the never ending cycle of human endeavour and regression...

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Dutch Trumpet Bullet Train

Imagine if you will, a world without height and depth, without weight or substance, but a virtual reality with breathtaking scope that you never have to leave, a safe zone where you control the volume and the clarity, where you are locked into a crystalline labyrinth without a map, stumbling from mirror to mirror and back again, you are lost in the twilight zone...

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Man's Fate

Life is a long trip through a dark forest, full of mystery, misery and shadow. Slow moving images are layered over each other to alter the viewer's focus, highlighting different aspects of reality and leading to a contemplation of man's fate, the never ending search for meaning. This is the fourth and last video in the Fezzilla series...

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A rich video collage of 15 surrealist tableaus, depicting our age of 'freedom' while still locked in servitude: to money, to ideology, to religion and to archaic ideas of wealth and power. Who do you serve? Break free! Tune in, turn on, drop out, save the world beat!

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The Hairspray That Ruined The World

Climate inaction, vanity over concern and our history of avoidance casts a large shadow over our modern world as it is, rooted in ignorance, stifled by religion and dying due to our lack of responsibility and stewardship…

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Year Of The Flood

The continuing surge in mass shootings in the US has spurned many reactions, one being a resurgence of a stronger, wider based anti-gun lobby. It's time to stop the madness. This Wild West attitude has to be retired to the archaic past. Fight the NRA. Stand up and say no to guns!

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No Compromise

Rock n roll film noir, the cold war turns Eastern Europe into flames! Don't let it happen again, fight autocracy, leave no stone unturned in finding truth, don't believe the lies, no compromise!!!

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